Climate Change Doesn’t Exist?

Its cold, rainy and I still want to go out and play! I feel like a child on punishment. I  look out into my yard, wondering, when will the sun shine again? Hoping that the weather forecast is wrong, as it often is. Wishing and dreaming of a place where I can garden and write all year long.

Rainy day equal flooded yard.

Yes, I have been away for many moons. I myself doubted that I would return. I know that being consistent to any endeavor is vital to its success, but I am one who is always changing, always moving and forever evolving! Well, thats what I tell myself. But here I sit at 5:22am with little to look forward to on my day off from the slammer (aka job) other than the cold rain and a long line down at my local Secretary of State. How did I get here?

I fell off of my wagon for many reasons; a new ever demanding full time job, kids graduating, health challenges, blah blah blah, etc etc. I guess in a sense, it was just life that kept me away. Or maybe just excuses…But any who, I am back! I can’t say for sure how long. Can’t promise if I will stay. I guess I am like that long lost lingering love that keeps coming in and out of your life. I totally understand if you decide to not let me back in. Heaven knows that I don’t deserve you. But even still, while I am here, I will attempt to be somewhat useful and moderately entertaining.

So back to the issue at hand. Weather in Michigan has always been unpredictable but now it is completely and utterly erratic. The weather people have not a clue as to what will come. They seem to be able to only predict what the weather is going to be a day in advance. Hell, even I can do that! The apps on my phone often contradict themselves. They will tell me high of 60 degrees by 12:00 and then when 12:00 arrives, it will say” oops I meant 50 degrees with snow and hail”. Pretty hard to plan accordingly under these conditions. But even still, everything must change.

I have managed to stay ahead of the game to some extent. Maybe too far ahead to be exact. This year I decided to grow all of my vegetables from seed. Last year I tried and failed for many reasons but thats a conversation for another day.

In the past, I’d start with plants purchased from my local nursery but since this is my 3rd season of vegetable gardening. I figured it was time to step my game up.I followed the directions on the seed packs as to when to start my seedlings indoors, but with climate change, I could have started some of them a little later. I started the cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes and some lettuce on the 24th of February. The broccoli, cauliflower, and more lettuce on the 3rd of March and by the 10th, I had also started chard, turnips, watermelon, collards and my favorite, peppers!

Jamaican Yellow Peppers and Chocolate Habanero Peppers

Last year I bought cabbage plants and they were not successful in my opinion. I think it was  because we basically skipped spring and went straight into summer. The poor things were finished before they started and only grew a  little larger than a baseball. From what I read, once the temp gets around 80 degrees, cabbage and broccoli both tend to bolt. That was definitely the fate of mines.

Cabbage, broccoli and chard galore!

Being that those two cold weather crops are a family favorite, I was sure to make them a top priority this season. With perfectly healthy seedlings, at the first consistent sign of warm weather ( about a week), I put out my broccoli, cabbage, collards, lettuce, turnips, chard, onions and potatoes (onions and potatoes were direct sewn of course). Although the weather was in the 60’s on the day I planted them. The next week brought on snow! I was sure that they would all be damaged but these cold weather crops are fine and are actually thriving! They laughed in the face of old man winter and are growing strong! I have been fertilizing them with fish emulsion and they are absolutely gorgeous! I am sure this year will be a success but only time will tell. I guess everything changes and we must be prepared for the unexpected. I know I was lucky so in the future, I will give myself a little more wiggle room. Transplanting my cold weather crops in early spring is best when I know that spring in my zone only lasts a minute. But I think some roll covers may be in my near future just as an extra precaution.

Thats all for now! I feel good about this. I hope you do to. I guess I missed you more than I was willing to admit! ❤




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